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About Cowry IPRO


Cowry IPRO limited is an IT company and a Service provider in the areas of IT consulting, Technology solutions and IT Outsourcing. We are experienced in the implementation of projects and programmes involving off-the-shelf solutions as well as fully customised and self developed softwares to the requirement of our clients.

Our team consists of world class consultants and developers with experience from leading companies and institutions in Europe and West Africa, such as Accenture, Infosys Consulting, University of Ghana and Hubtel.

Our Products

We offer these and more.

School Management System

Our School Management system has been deployed in several schools in West Africa.

Hotel Management System

Our Hotel and Hospitality Management system reduces the burden on management and puts the focus on the delivery of their core service to improve the satisfaction of their customers.

Facility Management System

Our facility management modules are carefully engineered to manage large and small facilities to place our clients' asset under efficient use and proper schedule procedure.

Election Collation and Monitoring System

Our experience and knowledge of elections in Ghana led us to develop a robust election collation nd monitoring system for the Liberia National elections in 2017.

E-Ticketing and voucher systems

The e-ticketing and e-voucher system is a smart platform for event organisers and institutions to reach their customers both far and near.

E-Voting System

Cowry iPRO is proud to be the leader and pioneer in the field of e-voting systems.

We Have an Excellent Team


Clients Testimonies

Client Testimonies