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School Management System

Transworld Academy, Hallel International and mammy’s Joy are a few of the schools where our School Management System has been implemented.

It integrates and automates the activities and processes in regards to the administration of any school. The functionalities include;

  • Application, Registration and data management of the students and staff of the school.
  • Generation of terminal reports and readily available analysis into the performance of students and staff over a period of time.
  • Financial reports and insight into the records of school fees including the generation of receipts.
  • An accounting module for the management and auditors that provides insight into costs and revenue
  • Mass and automatic generation of notifications (sms and/or emails) to students, parents and staff.

Hotel Management System

Our Hotel and Hospitality Management system reduces the burden on management and puts the focus on the delivery of their core service to improve the satisfaction of their customers. It enhances their planning and forecast as well as helps them to rate the effectiveness of the several channels of promotion and advertisement. All this in a bid to increase the occupancy rate of their facilities.

    This system includes
  • Booking and scheduling functionality
  • Visual display and analysis into the occupancy of the facilities and the channels through which bookings are made.
  • A detailed accounting system that provides insight into costs and revenue.
  • Forecast analysis with the use of previous occupancy rate and future events.

Facility Management System

Our facility management solution is carefully engineered to manage large and small facilities to place our client assets under efficient use and proper schedule procedures. The solution is designed to serve justifiable needs at scheduled times.

This system has been used by The University of Ghana to manage their dormitory halls and also Broll Ghana Limited.

    The functionalities includes:
  • Occupancy Records Management
  • Financial reports and readily available analysis
  • An accounting module for the management that provides insight into costs and revenue Generation of receipts

E-Voting System

Cowry iPRO is the proud to be the leader and a pioneer in the field of e-voting systems. we introduce e-voting to Ghana and remain the leading service provider with over 80% of the market share.

Our robust system makes voting smart, simple, efficient and above all quick. The system is designed to be transparent and do away with irregularities in manual electoral process. This system has been deployed and implemented in almost all the tertiary institutions in Ghana and beyond. The University of Ghana, University of Cape Coast, Central University College, Methodist University and the Ghana Institute of Journalism are just a few of the institutions that proudly use our system for their students elections every year.

Election Collation and Monitoring System

Our experience and knowledge of elections in Ghana led us to develop a robust election collation and monitoring system for the Liberia National elections in 2017.

The system consists of sophisticated IT solutions and other components which gels together to ensure that the results being declared at the polling stations are collated and made available to leadership and stakeholders in an easy to understand graphical displays.

This helps leadership to manage expectation of their supporters, determine strategy and take subsequent actions accordingly.

The system is very useful in areas where there are little to no internet access even with the use of smartphones.

E-Ticketing and voucher systems

The e-ticketing and e-voucher system is a smart platform for our clients to reach out to its customers both far and near. The system used by event organisers in selling tickets to their visitors as well as organisations that sell vouchers to their customers to gain access to a particular service whether online or offline.

It is an efficient and smart way to minimise the irregularities associated with tickets or vouchers right from issuance, retrieval and/or delivery of the intended service. It increases the revenue of our clients while at the same time increasing the satisfaction rate of their customers. it makes fake tickets and vouchers a thing of the past.

The Ghana Education service is currently signed up to this service.

Data gathering and content management within poor or no internet areas.

Cowry IPRO has developed a technology that can be used to gather information in areas with poor or no internet connection. This technology provides access to the use of a smartphone and the graphical and interactive interface that it offers.

The technology is successfully deployed in our Election Collaton and Monitoring System and can be extended to other usage.

  • Agriculture usage for the collection of data in remote farms and villages
  • Deployed by Government institutions for the registration and monitoring the activities of their beneficiaries, members and institutions under their regulatory arm.
  • For censors within remote areas.